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Legendary (META) Pets Are evolving and extremely powerful pets that you may customize as you wish. In order to customize your meta pet, you will need to obtain creature relics which will drop on high end monsters. The amount of relics that can be applied on a legendary pet will depend on its "stage". Meta pets can evolve up to 7 stage and will unlock a maximum of 5 relic slots. Which means that you will be able to customize your pet with 5 abilities. 

Current Legendary Pets:
Spiderling, Drakeling & Larvae

In order to own a legendary pet, you will need to hatch the specific egg. Eggs can be bought from the Special Store (Ability Points) & found on high end creatures.

Your pet will evolve by killing creatures.
Your abilities will level up whenever your creature utilize them.


Venemous Blood: Poison and damage enemies.

Quicksilver: Gains a large amount of attack speed for a brief moment.
Bleeding Talons: Adds a bleeding effect to the enemies.
Molten Attack
: Devastating fire damaging ability.

Firecannon: Multiple rounds of Flame strike spells.

Clarity: Mana regeneration bonus.

Mystic Blast: Damage surrounding enemies.

Double Strike: Strikes twice.
Crushing Blow
: Devastating strike that also reduces targets armor.

Life Drain: Drains health points from surrounding enemies.

Baneful Strike: Damage over time ability.
: Damages and hinders surrounding enemies.
: Lowers the statistics of the enemy.
Confusing Blow: Lowers the dexterity and the physical defenses of the enemy.
Paralytic Venom
: Devastating strike that also reduces dexterity and intelligence.
Runic Curse: Devastating strike that also reduces magic resistance.
: Deals a large amount of damage seconds after the enemy is cursed by the dooming effect.
Witch Brew: Heals surrounding friendly units and slightly damage enemies.

Mana Drain: Drains mana from the enemy and grant it to the creatures master.

Hellburst: Devastating Area of Effect ability.

Charge: Quickly charge onto an enemy, dealing damage.

Calming Touch: Pacify an enemy for a brief moment.

Carapace: Gains a large amount of armor for a brief moment.

Brood: Summons friendly units to aid the creature against its current enemy.

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