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While remaining faithful to the Renaissance Era, Redemption is slightly customized but the main mechanics were mostly untouched to keep the classic feelings intact.

You are allowed to 3 accounts per IP.

You are allowed to 1 house per account.

Stats Cap
Stat Cap will be 230. You will start with 225 and obtain an extra 5 as you obtain stat cap scrolls. 

Total Skill Cap
You are allowed to 720.0 Skill points. 700.0 as you start and an extra 20.0 as you obtain skill orbs.

Skill Gain

As we felt like we would rather see players have fun with the new features than AFK macro, the skill gain success rate was increased compared to OSI. Macroing is legal and skill gain was increased in dungeons.

Unique Skill Cap

Powerscrolls for the following skill will drop from slain monsters. Certain skills may be raised to 120.0 (None that will greatly affect PVP).

> Animal Taming
> Animal Lore

> Veterinary
> Musicianship
> Provocation
> Discordance
> Peacemaking
> Stealth
> Hiding
> Spirit Speak
> Fletching
> Tinkering

> Cooking
> Blacksmithy
> Tailoring

> Lumberjacking
> Mining
> Fishing
> Taste Identification
> Tracking


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