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Bosses will have a chance of dropping Artifact Weapons. Those rare weapons cannot be repaired. Once dropped, the accuracy, power and endurance will be randomized. Each artifact weapon will have an unique on-hit effect  that will have a trigger chance very similar to weapon abilities (Paralyzing blows, Concussion blows etc..). Anyone wielding an artifact weapon should be your main focus during PVP.

Sacred Weapons cannot be repaired. 

Blackthorns Blade > Challenge an enemy, the attacker will deal slightly more damage to it's challenged opponent for the next 5 seconds.

Bloodthirster > Has a chance of leeching some hitpoints.

Corrupted Pike > Has a chance of cursing the attacker's opponent stats for 10 seconds (Minimum -3, Maximum -7). The cursed type of stat is random.

Deaths Dance > Has a chance of leeching some stamina and mana.

Daemonic Embrace > Applies a bleeding effect on the attacker's opponent.

Executioners Calling > Curse the attacker's opponent with a Doom effect. the target will take some damage (Maximum 10) after a few seconds.

Hellclap > Engulf the target with fire, instantly dealing some damage.

Infernal Maw > Engulf the target with fire, deals damage over time.

Mindcry > Hamstrings the target, making him unable to run for 2 seconds.

Mortal Reminder > Applies a mortal strike curse on the target for 2 seconds. Rendering healing useless while the curse is active.

SlithClaw > Has a chance of leeching some stats from the opponent. If the opponent is turning his back from the attacker, he may be inflicted with poison.

SpellThief > Attacker has a chance of casting Magic Reflection on himself.

Subdue > Has a chance of draining stamina (Max 15) and paralyzing the opponent for 1.0 second

Tantrum > Has a chance of paralyzing the attacker's opponent for 2 seconds and reduce his strength by 5 for 10 seconds.

WidowMaker > The attacker has a chance of hiding himself after a succesful hit. If the opponent is turning his back from the attacker, he may be inflicted with poison.

Wyrms Teeth >  If triggered, the attacker's opponent may be swarmed by meteors after a slight delay.


Silverbranch >  Grants a dexterity bonus.

Wraith Whisperer >  1 handed repeating crossbow which may inflict additional on-hit damage.

Elven Bow >  If triggered, the attacker's friendly creatures will be healed.

Silver Fang >  If inflicted by the silver fang poison, the attacker will be damaged and poisoned after 5 seconds.

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