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Relics As soon as you create a character, you will be able to work towards unlocking relic slots which will enhance many facets of your PVM encounters. Relic bonuses only work towards PVM.

Relics can be found on any type of Boss & Legendary creatures.

Velocity Relic : Reduce the cooldown between 2 abilities.
Precision Relic : Increase accuracy versus monsters.
Perpetuality Relic: Increase special ability trigger chances.
Melodious Relic: Increase the efficiency of barding skills.

Swift Relic: Increase base attack speed.

Protection Relic: Increase base spell resistance.

Bulwark Relic: Increase base parry chances.

Damned Relic: Increase the efficiency of barding debuffs.


Affinity Relic: Increase the efficiency of veterinary

Mysticism Relic: Increase the PVM spell casting speed.

Witchcraft Relic: Increase the efficiency of summons abilities.

Those bonuses do not work during pvp.



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