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May 7th 
Just a reminder that our first official 1v1 tournament for real cash prize will be held on the 13th at 13 PM EST!



  • Players with pure intentions will be able to join the paladin guild once they have protected the land from enough monsters. (Killing monsters will grant you paladin points that you will need to upkeep as it will atrophy over time).

  • Comitting a murder will kick you from the paladin guild.

  • When a murderer is killed by a paladin, he will instantly be cursed by a temporary skill loss (20% for 20 minutes).

  • Paladins will have an overhead [Paladin] title.

  • Paladins have access to a special shop which can be accessed by double-clicking the paladin NPC

  • Paladins may purchase a Justice Orb, whenever an innocent player is murdered, he will have the option to get assisted by the Paladin guild. When the option is used, Justice orbs will get updated with the crime location (Double-Click the orb to see the location)


Trading Powerscrolls
Got too many useless skillscrolls/powerscrolls? Hand them to the scribe NPCs to share your knowledge! whenever you have enough knowledge, you will be able to obtain a random Powerscroll. 

New Melee Masteries! (Shadow)

Stealthing while having Shadow activated will trigger a special attack that will highly increase your damage & accuracy.

Daily Quests

Daily quests were revamped, rewards were tweaked and you now have to kill a category of monster and now a single type, making it easier to complete!

Town Houses

Always wanted to have a shop in Britain? You thought that one unused castle would be an amazing guild hall? It is now possible! A few selected (And soon to be added) houses can now be purchased and owned! 

Revamped Summoners

Summoners were revamped. More spells were added as archaic powers. You may now find and apply spell hues! Monsters also have a chance of dropping Arcane scrolls which will empower your spells new abilities! Enhanced spells will only work against creatures.

New Shop Items

A new page of items was added to the Reward Points Shop.

Archery Special Ability

Archery now has its own special ability! You will randomly be able to trigger a velocity shot if you have more than 80 Anatomy. The damage bonus will depend on your range during your interaction with your opponent.


Misc Changes

  • Paralyze will now have a diminishing returns. The second paralyze within 3 seconds will not last as long.

  • Added a new page of Rewards.

  • Tweaked the cure spell / cure potion effectiveness against greater poison and deadlier.

  • For 50 Reward points, you may now hire Bounty hunters to hunt down your murderer for 10 minutes. This will not work if the murderer is currently dueling or in a house.

  • Fixed the creature AI and its "all follow me" issue.

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