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1. Impersonating a staff member or doxing a member of the community is illegal.

2. Scamming is not encouraged but if legal if done by using clever ways (and not exploits).

3. Multi-Clienting during PVP is
illegal. However, it is legal during PVM but not encouraged.

4. Racism (or any case of verbal toxicity) & Harassment will be severely punished. 

5. The use of any type of cheat engine or enhanced client will result in a
permanent ban. 

6. AFK Harvesting is illegal. Your resources will be wiped if you are caught.

7. Exploiting a bug without reporting it is illegal and may result in a ban depending on the severity of the exploit.

8. Real Money Trading (RMT) is

9. As much as we love seeing Ultima Online alive after all those years, advertising another server or UO community is not tolerated. Advertising another game is also not encouraged.

Please choose an inoffensive name (Discord & In-game). We will change your name if we judge it does not fit the community.

11. Blocking dungeon entrances or teleporters is

12. You are allowed to 3 houses per IP. Using a VPN or any other way to acquire more than 3 houses is illegal.

13. Macroing is legal.

14. Please use common sense. If something is not listed here but you feel like it seems toxic to the community, don't do it. 

15. Have fun!

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