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While being very simple to train, our animal trainers system is very complex and offers a multitude of options!

What skills should I use?

Obviously, Animal taming and Animal lore are a must. When starting, Veterinary will also be very useful as it will be needed to keep your creatures alive. Then, you may consider Herding as it will grant your pets additional damage. Herding may be trained by having a shepherd crook equipped while slaying monsters.

Starting tips

  • Hatch the egg in your backpack! A lot of players overlook the drakeling which is the perfect companion to start.

  • The druidic mastery is most likely the best mastery to pick for a tamer, it will offer many benefits to your pets such as damage and healing.

  • Players have realized that the fastest way to maximize the skill gains is by having an army of cave bears! Look for the nearest cave and tame cave bears, they are fierce creatures which will do very well with the drakeling.

How do I become a grandmaster?

On most servers, you have to tame a ridiculous amount of creatures in order to train the skill. We went a different route : killing creatures with your pets by your side will grant you skill points. Which means that you can start making progress and gold as soon as you create your character!

Bonding a creature

While killing creatures, it will gain "Friendship XP", once this reaches 10,000 XP, your pet will be bonded to you. You may also do it the old fashioned way and feed your pet until it reaches max loyalty and stable it for 3 days.

Resurrecting a bonded creature

Healers & veterinarian NPCs will resurrect your creatures for a fee. You may also resurrect your own pets with bandage (granted you have at least 80 animal lore/veterinary) or with the "Resurrection" spell. 

Training a creature

Killing creatures with your pets will grant it experience, the tougher the monster, the more it will earn! experience will unlock new abilities. You can see your creatures progress by single clicking your pet and using the "Animal Lore" option.

I lost my pets!

Considering some pets are extremely valuable and take some time to reach maximum XP, we made sure that you would never lose your pets. To claim your pets, single click your character and use the "Summon Creature" option. Relogging will also do the trick. 
* this does not work during PVP.

(AOS Realm) Creature Profile


(UOR Realm) Creature Profile


(UOR Realm) Legendary (META) Pets 
Are evolving and extremely powerful pets that you may customize as you wish. In order to customize your meta pet, you will need to obtain creature relics which will drop on high end monsters. The amount of relics that can be applied on a legendary pet will depend on its "stage". Meta pets can evolve up to 7 stage and will unlock a maximum of 4 relic slots. Which means that you will be able to customize your pet with 4 abilities. 

Current legendary pets:
Spiderling, Drakeling, Raptor & Larvae
* Meta eggs can be obtained via the AP store & Champion spawns.

You will be able to customize your META pet with the following abilities :
Venemous Blood: Poison and damage enemies.

Quicksilver: Gains a large amount of attack speed for a brief moment.
Bleeding Talons: Adds a bleeding effect to the enemies.
Molten Attack
: Devastating fire damaging ability.

Firecannon: Multiple rounds of Flame strike spells.

Clarity: Mana regeneration bonus.

Mystic Blast: Damage surrounding enemies.

Double Strike: Strikes twice.
Crushing Blow
: Devastating strike that also reduces targets armor.

Life Drain: Drains health points from surrounding enemies.

Baneful Strike: Damage over time ability.
: Damages and hinders surrounding enemies.
: Lowers the statistics of the enemy.
Confusing Blow: Lowers the dexterity and the physical defenses of the enemy.
Paralytic Venom
: Devastating strike that also reduces dexterity and intelligence.
Runic Curse: Devastating strike that also reduces magic resistance.
: Deals a large amount of damage seconds after the enemy is cursed by the doom effect.
Witch Brew: Heals surrounding friendly units and slightly damage enemies.

Mana Drain: Drains mana from the enemy and grant it to the creatures master.

Hellburst: Devastating Area of Effect ability.

Charge: Quickly charge onto an enemy, dealing damage.

Calming Touch: Pacify an enemy for a brief moment.

Carapace: Gains a large amount of armor for a brief moment.

Brood: Summons friendly units to aid the creature against its current enemy.

(UOR Realm) Creature Ability Scrolls

On very rare occasion, monsters will drop creature ability scrolls. In exchange for some permanent statistic loss, creatures will be able to learn unique abilities.


Meta Pets will not be able to learn abilities.

Only 1 ability can be learned, so chose wisely!

Bulwark > Your creature has increased physical defense.

Counter > May counter attacks.

Eldritch > Learns magery, evaluating intelligence and meditation.

Disturbance > May lower enemies Magic resistance on spell casts.

Immunity > Poison SPELL immunity.

Ingeniosity > Increases its intelligence.

Poison > Learns on-hit poisoning.

Swiftness > Increases its Dexterity.

Bleed Attack > Learns a damage over time bleeding attack .

Ignite > Will do 10% bonus damage to ignited creatures (Which are ignited by fire spells).
Rejuvenation > Will heal for 2% of its hitpoints on successful hits.
Discharge > Will do extra damage every 5 successful hits.
Hearty > Will do bonus damage (10%) as long as its over 75% HP.
Last Stand > Will do bonus damage (15%) whenever it is injured (below 35% HP)
Acolyte > Will do bonus damage (10%) as long as the master is within 3 range.
Reflective Stance > Will have 15% chance of reflecting upcoming spells.

Vanquisher > Heals for 5% of its HP everytimes it kills a creature.

Vengeance > Will deal up to 15% additional damage if the master is injured.

Independance > Lowers control slots by 1.

  • You are only allowed to one independant creature at once.

  • Only affects 3 control slots creatures.

(UOR Realm) Creature Upgrades

In order to make every type of creature viable, you may upgrade your pets to your "Animal Taming skill tier" in order to increase its statistics and damage.

If you meet the requirements, you will be able to upgrade your creature for the following:

(Your taming skill - Your creature taming requirement)%
Which means that if you are a legendary tamer (120) and decide to upgrade your nightmare (100), your nightmare will evolve and gain 20% statistics and damage.

To upgrade your creature, simply click on it once and use the "Upgrade Creature" option


I am struggling to find powerscrolls, what can I do?

Granted you are a grandmaster Animal Trainer, you will be able to do the "Mysterious creature quest". This quest will allow you to train a randomly generated creatures which will have randomized statistics & abilities! Those creatures are easier to train than normal creatures but you will have 3 days to so. When fully trained, you will be rewarded with a powerscroll & possibly, special items!

* The NPC offering the quest can be found at Britain & Luna bank.


I found special creature food, what can I do with it?

Feeding special food to your pet will add a hue to its collection! Collecting hues will allow you to switch between them whenever you feel like having a differently colored creature!

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