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We are happy to announce a game changing feature to our server. Beyond Shadow is a large addition to Unchained, a brand new realm with the renowned Age of Shadows ERA. Why is this so exceptional? Because you will not need to switch server or create a new character in order to enter the realm. You will be able to switch between UOR (the current UO : Unchained era) and AOS (Beyond Shadows era) at any time! 

 Main features

Here are some features that you will be able to enjoy during your time on Unchained. Those are the main ones. More can be viewed on our wiki.

 Character Progression

Player masteries.. Unlocking relic slots... Leveling up mighty creatures... Collecting hues of all sort... Learning spell songs and Quiver abilities... Upgrading your summons... Becoming a renowned artificer.. Collecting over a hundred rare decorations.. Unlocking every achievements.. Character progression is a never ending story on Unchained. You will always have something to do.

 Exciting and challenging PVM action

Unlike most servers, we have a bestiary of over a hundred creatures that are not simply renamed and hued! Our creatures with special AI and abilities will keep you on your toes!
Expeditions... Dungeons within dungeons..  Reworked Doom System.. Corrupted Shrines... Champion and mini champion spawns.. Legendary creatures.. reworked paragons.. over 40 bosses, new dungeons and revamped classic dungeons such as Deceit, Glacia, Destard & Shame!

 Fast paced & eventful PVP content!

Daily scheduled events, weekly tournaments , guild prestige & guild wars system will keep you entertained! Dominate and control dungeons in order to obtain special bonuses for your guild! Practice your skills against your friends or foes at the dueling arenas.


We have proven on many occasion that Unchained will never be a p2w shard but we recently added a feature that proved it once again! You may now convert your pure gold into platinum (donation) coins. The price of the donation coins depends on global server gold which means that if there is too much gold on the server, platinum coins may be more costly.


 Differences between UOR and AOS

Even if both realms will share the Unchained features, there are some fundamental distinctions between the 2 eras. Here are the main features of AOS.

  • Addition of new skills : Necromancy, Chivalry, Scavenging & Imbuing.

  • Looted items now have statistics similar to Diablo which means that stronger monsters will have a higher chance of dropping weapons with interesting statistics such as life leech, on-hit explosion, luck etc.. Making artifact weapons and armor much more valuable.

  • Monsters & Players no longer deal pure damage, the damage received and afflicted depends on more criteria such as elemental defenses which can be found on items.

  • You may insure the items you are wearing which means that if you die, you will lose gold but you will only lose the content of your backpack! 

 Frequently Asked Questions

How is the skillgain on Beyond Shadows?
On AOS, gear grind is already quite the grind and we have so much to offer past grinding your 7x character that we wanted players to rapidly access the real content that we have to offer. 7xing a character will easily be done by casually playing the game.

Does this mean that Unchained is no longer UOR?
No, you will be able to switch between the 2 realms / era at any time.

What about my UOR belongings?
As this is 2 very specific and different ERAS, you will not be able to transfer items or mounts from one realm to another.  In order to use the portal, you will need to be naked with no follower.

What happens when I use the portal between the two realms?
Your skills & skill caps are stored. Every time you switch realm, you will switch to the saved template of the realm you are entering.

What about my pets?
AOS has a different system when it comes to creature training, abilities and general statistics which means you will not be able to use your UOR creatures within the AOS realm and vice versa.

What will retain between the 2 realms?
Your character mastery XP/Relic XP/Hue collection/Guild will be available in both realms.

Beyond Shadow is within the trammel facet.. Does it mean no PVP?
Original trammel restrictions were removed which means the Beyond Shadow map is exactly like Felucca when it comes to the ruleset.

As this is AOS, yes.

Since the map is very small, only small sized houses will be available at launch. Some new small sized houses with high storage were designed.

The map seems so small!
As we cannot know how popular this will be, we wanted to keep the map medium sized with few dungeons in order to keep it eventful but do not worry, if Beyond Shadows become more popular than expected, we will quickly add new lands which will be unlocked by the community as a land expansion system.

You can learn more about AOS here :

Keep in mind that this is AOS with Unchained features and as we are one of the server with the most features, a lot of features may not be available on this website. This is why I invite you to visit our wiki page to learn more about our features.

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