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Augmented Creatures (Originally named Paragons) may casually spawn in the world. They are enhanced creatures with special abilities and different loot. The loot will depend on the type of creature you will encounter (IE a clever ettin may drop reagents or a wand while a stone skin dragon may drop iron ingots or more gems). Augmented creatures will also have a chance of dropping paragons chests that come in 3 kinds (Lesser, Normal & Greater). There are 19 types of augmented creatures.

There are also 3 kinds of challenging monstrosities : Dungeon bosses, Shrine bosses and Rift bosses.

Dungeon Bosses will spawn if either
> The cooldown time has been elapsed (16 to 32 hours).

> The tokens have been found and placed in the boss area.

> Enough creatures have been slain in the dungeon.  


Rift Bosses will spawn as a group of players enters a rift portal and will only last 30 minutes (The time of a rift expedition). The amount of hit points and quality of loot will depend on the difficulty of the rift expedition.


Shrine Bosses will randomly spawn. Online players will be alerted whenever a Shrine is corrupted.


Destard > At the entrance of Destard, you may find a board that will show you how many creatures have to be slain in order to anger the Queen.


Glacia > Monsters in Glacia may drop crystals, melting the crystal on the altar in Glacia will empower it. When enough crystals have been melted, Jarl will spawn.


Wrong > Killing monsters in Wrong may spawn the Guardians minions (harder renamed orcs) each type of minion will drop its own head. Once all the minions heads are placed on their right socket at the altar in the boss room, the Guardian will spawn.


Sandstorm > Monsters in Sandstorm may drop pieces of Ostarions armor. Placing those pieces on the model in the boss room will animate and activate the Guardian.


Dungeon Bosses have particular systems in order to spawn them.

Deceit >
Killing monsters in deceit will leech power from Belial, once Belial has lost enough power, he will become vulnerable.

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