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Much like a game pass, players from both realms can earn points to advance to new stages and levels. To accumulate points, engage in various game activities such as paragon slaying, boss battles, daily quests, global quests, creature hunts, and PvP events like altar captures and dungeon idols.

Each month, the rewarded hues and special rewards will vary. Be sure not to miss out on those exclusive prizes!

Your monthly challenge progress can be viewed from the compendium. 




In the game, all your activities are meticulously tracked—whether it’s blacksmithing orders, vanquishing bosses, completing quests, hunting treasure maps, engaging in duels, or participating in PvP events. Points earned from these endeavors are tallied and displayed on a leaderboard accessible through the compendium. Every three months, coveted and exclusive rewards are bestowed upon the top players across various categories.

The rewarded categories include:

  1. Paragon Slayer

  2. Artisan (covering BODs and general crafting)

  3. Boss Slayers

  4. Treasure Map Hunter

  5. Top VVV Player (for PvP prowess)

  6. Top Monster Hunter

Each category receives distinct trophies and rewards tailored to its type. Additionally, champions emerge in three categories: PvM, PvP, and Artisan. These champions are determined by their cumulative achievements in subcategories. For instance, the PvM champion accumulates points from slaying paragons, bosses, and general monster hunts.

These champions earn their own statues prominently displayed at the main banks in Britain and Luna, along with crowns and tiaras as tokens of their excellence.

Possible rewards :
- Armored war steed (reduced PVM physical damage)
- Magical Dye tub - 10 charges (dyes about anything, and change hues on every dyes)
- Runic Toolkit - 75 charges (Top tier runic tool, allows you to change crafting system)
- Blessed Dungeon Map with 50 charges
- Item Bless Deed (1 month duration)
- Armored Death Shroud


Missed out on the monthly hued items?

A special vendor awaits you at the Luna and Britain banks. This vendor offers a diverse array of hued items, all available for the price of pure gold. Plus, the hues are refreshed every month!

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