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As soon as you create a character, you will be able to work toward progressions beyond your 700 skill points.

Many tools are available for a better PVM* experience.

  • Power scrolls will allow you to go beyond 100.0 in selected skills.

  • Stat scrolls will allow you to go up to 235 in your statistics.

  • Skill orbs will allow you to increase your skill cap to 720.

  • Masteries which will highly influence the PVM damage of weapon wielders and wizards.

  • Spell songs which will grant special bonuses to bards.

  • Quivers which will give additional tools to archer

  • Relics & Talisman will grant you special passive bonuses such as attack speed, bonus damage to bosses, double harvesting yields etc..

  • Arcane scrolls will allow you to increase the potency of your spells and your summons.

  • Collect an unimaginable amount of special hues (hair hues, beard hues, spell hues, backpack hues etc..) and add them to your personal collection & switch whenever you feel like looking different!

* Remember that since we want the PVP to remain balanced, those bonuses are disabled during PVP.



* You will need arcane dust in order to trigger the special abilities from masteries. Arcane dust can be found on mage creatures or by destroying magical items with simple tools / dust wand.

*Masteries will level up to 10,000 XP. Once this is reached, you may "powerlevel" your mastery further by obtaining mastery orbs. You may powerlevel your masteries up to the level 10!



Spell Songs

* You do not need a special talisman to access spell songs, simply single click your instrument and click on "Bard Mastery Bonus".


Magical Quivers

* Quivers can be crafted by grandmaster bowcrafters.
* Quivers may only be worn by warriors.


Relics (UOR Realm)

Relics can be found on any type of Boss & Legendary creatures.

Velocity Relic : Reduce the cooldown between 2 abilities.
Precision Relic : Increase accuracy versus monsters.
Perpetuality Relic: Increase special ability trigger chances.
Melodious Relic: Increase the efficiency of barding skills.

Swift Relic: Increase base attack speed.

Protection Relic: Increase base spell resistance.

Bulwark Relic: Increase base parry chances.

Damned Relic: Increase the efficiency of barding debuffs.


Affinity Relic: Increase the efficiency of veterinary

Mysticism Relic: Increase the PVM spell casting speed.

Witchcraft Relic: Increase the efficiency of summons abilities.

* Relics are only available within the UOR (Renaissance) realm.


Relics (AOS Realm)

Talismans can be bought from the Achievement Points Shop. When purchased, the talisman will come with a random unlocked property. You may unlock all the properties with talisman relics but can only have 3 unlocked at once!

Talisman relics can be found on high-end creatures OR bought from the AP shop.

* This talisman is only available within the AOS(Age of Shadows) realm.


Hue Collection

We are aware that fashion is very important on Ultima Online this is why we made sure to implement a lot of hues. During your journey, you will be able to collect a lot of special hued items such as hair dyes, beard dyes, backpack dyes, skin dyes etc.. and will be able to store them within your own personal collection. 

This way, if you are bored of the way you look, you can always switch to look prettier!


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