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Many quests are available, giving you something you something to do on a daily basis! The quest NPCs can usually be found at the main banks (Britain & Luna) but you can also say [Event or [Quest or single click click yourself to view your Achievements!



Global Quests

  • Can be viewed by saying [event

  • Some of them are seasonal, others can be done on a weekly basis! 

    *You may only claim your global quest rewards once per week. They are reset on every Monday.


Daily Quests

  • Can be viewed by saying [quest

  • Quests will be randomly assigned as soon as you press "START CHALLENGES", then, you will have 24 hours to complete them.


Dungeon Progress 

  • Slaying monsters within a dungeon will give you experience towards this dungeon, once you reached max XP, you will be eligible to a reward. Once you collected your reward, your dungeon progression will reset.

  • A progress bar will appear on your screen as soon as you enter the dungeon


Training Quests

  • Warrior/Animal Trainer quests NPCs can be found at the main bank (Britain & Luna)

  • Upon accepting a quest (granted you have the requirements), you will be followed by a pupil or a mysterious creature which will kill creature and gain XP on your side. Upon reaching maximum XP, you will be rewarded with power scrolls, gold and special items!



  • Achievements are a great way to obtain achievement points as soon as you start your character!

  • Almost everything you do will give you achievement points.

  • You may see the common achievements by single clicking your character and clicking the "Achievement" option.

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