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Harvesting & Crafting


In order to slow down or stop harvesting bots. We made it so anytime you harvest a resource, there is a chance that nature / cave creeps will show up to attack you.


Those creatures will not be much of a threat or very rewarding, they are mostly only there to disrupt anyone who attempts to AFK gathers.


Creeps will disappear after some time if they remain alive for too long.


New Resources

Two new resources were added to the world : Azurite Ore and Scaled Hides


Azurite can be mined by legendary miners.


Scaled hides can be carved from Ancient Wyrms, Greater Dragons and several Bosses.  

Mastercrafting & Rares
Many high end decorations and furniture can be crafted by Legendary artificers if they have the right materials (Which usually includes Tome of Lost Knowledge, which can be found on slain monsters or as rewards from PVM events).  


Rare decorations may also be obtained by crafting items. An artificer with several leveled crafting skills will have more chance of acquiring a rare item upon crafting items. 

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