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Slain creatures may drop arcane runes. Arcane runes will provide the arcane tome (Which can be crafted by skilled scribes) a specific amount of power.

Players will be able to open a rift expedition portal whenever their rune tome has enough power.

The difficulty of the instance will depend on the rune tome power level (Minimum 5, Maximum 50).  

Once summoned, a rift portal will remain open for 5 minutes.

Once the owner of the portal enters the expedition, his party members will be invited to tag along. Party members will be required to be at least 50 tiles from the portal in order to join the expedition party.

Expeditions are instanced, you and your friends will be the only one inside for 30 minutes. Your group will be kicked to a safe area once the time has elapsed.

Expeditions have their own bosses and exclusive loot.

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