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The PVP remained very faithful to UOR but some small tweaks were made.


Traps (Soon)
Traps crafted by tinkers will now also affect players. The damage will be scaled by the tinkering skill and most traps will only be usable by players with enough tinkering skill.

Invisibility potions : grants invisibility to the user. Has a 5 minutes cooldown.


Explosion potions : players now have a small window of diminished damage when hit by an explosion potion (in order to make spamming less effective, the second potion will deal less damage). A mechanic was also added to stop the pot-kicking macros.


Bolas now slow instead of dismounting.


Wands can be crafted by skilled tinkers.
Wands now show Mantras (Spell words).
Wands now do a special effect when used.


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