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Special Stores
PVM/PVP content will reward you with points or gold which can be spent in different stores.

You may also purchase premium items for donation coins.

There is no way to P2W as donation items are cosmetic items and can also be purchased with gold. Pure gold can be transformed into platinum coins by saying
[donate which will open the premium store. The conversion cost will depend on the global amount of gold on the server.

The real life conversion of donation coins is 1 CAD = 1 Coin.



Achievement (AP) Store

Almost anything you do in game will reward you with AP. 

  • Killing high end creatures such as paragons & bosses.

  • Completing Monster Contracts

  • Completing Achievements

  • Treasure Maps

  • Completing Daily Quests

  • Growing special plants


VvV (PVP) Store

Participating or winning during PVP events will reward you with points. 

  • Killing VvV enemies.

  • Participating in Luna/Britain King of the Hill events.

  • Dungeon Domination events.

  • Tournaments


Griphook the rare collector!

Griphook can be found at Britain and Luna bank. He will trade you most of your rare goods for Achievement Points. He will also trade ...

  • 5 Artifacts for a random one.

  • 5 Power scrolls for a random one.

  • 3 Mastery Orbs for one of your choice.


MISC Stores

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