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Tracking was enhanced, you will now be able to constantly track certain type of players around you. Tracking will also increase your melee damage.

Taste Identification will enhance your PVM regeneration bonus. Hunger status can be obtained by clicking yourself once and using the right context menu option.


Forensic Evaluation Increases the amount of resources you will obtain from carving . It will also increase the power of Bandages.

Mining will increase the damage dealt with BASHING weapons (similar to the Lumberjacking/axes damage bonus).

Herding will increase the melee/spell damage done by your creatures.

Inscribe  will increase your spell buffs duration and your spell damage.
(PVM ONLY) Every 10.0 points of inscription will grant you a passive 2% chance of reflecting creature spells. (20% at 100.0)

Parrying (PVM ONLY) Parrying success may also absorb 75% of

incoming spell damage.

Alchemy will increase your heal / explosion potions efficiency.

Spirit Speak will increase the base statistics, health, damage, amount of abilities and duration of your summons.

Detecting Hidden will passively attempt to reveal surrounding hidden players and dungeon chests if you have more than 80.0 detecting hidden.

Arms Lore will increase your chance of triggering a weapon mastery

PVM ability.

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