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Upon creating your character, you will inevitably be teleported at Britain Bank.

Then, many opportunities will be open to you but as a New player, you will have access to the New Player Dungeon which is located west of the bank. You may also go spare with a training partner in the training area also west of the bank. You may also observe that some items were placed in your backpack. Those items will be useful during your training so it is essential that you keep on yourself. Be careful, as a New player, you will only be protected from other players while in Guarded Cities and in the New Player Dungeon. Outside of those areas, players will be able to kill and loot you. Once you feel confident enough or if you are unable to enter the new player dungeon anymore, the depth of Deceit awaits you, in Britain's graveyard. At last, if you feel like Britain is too crowded or wish to visit another area, the Moongate which will allow you to teleport to many locations is located Northeast of Britain.

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