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What primary skills should I use?

As a wizard, you will be offered a large variety of template but some skills are essential.

  • MAGERY will be required if you wish to cast high end spells such as summons.

  • MEDITATION will be required as it will be your main source of mana regeneration.

  • EVALUATING INTELLIGENCE is a must as it dictates the damage of your spells.

What secondary skills should I use?

  • SPIRIT SPEAK will be required if you wish to become a summoner as it will reinforces your summons and make them last longer.

  • INSCRIPTION will be useful as it will empower your buff spells & grant you additional spell damage. It will also grant you a passive PVM magic reflection bonus.

  • FOCUS can be useful for the additional stats regeneration.

  • WRESTLING can be useful for the defensive protection versus melee combatants.

  • HERDING can be useful as it will grant your summons a damage buff.

  • MAGIC RESISTANCE is a must within the UOR realm as it is one of the main source of protection.

  • NECROMANCY (AOS REALM) can be very beneficial as it offers different forms, an additional heal and a damage bonus to your summons abilities. Learn more about necromancy here.


  • Pick a mastery that goes with your playstyle. Some masteries tend to be better for mages, for example, Doom mastery offers a mana regeneration passive.

  • Collect all the arcane scrolls & arcane dust as they are essential to your progression!

  • Make sure that you are wielding a spell book (or a spell channeling/mage item) to trigger your enhanced spells.

What are arcane scrolls?

They are used to increase the potency of your enhanced spells and summons. 

What are spell hue deeds?

They are used to hue the spell effects and summon hues. You can switch the color of your spells within your hue collection (Compendium)

What is a mystical summon

They are stronger versions of the classic summons. They have better resistances, skills & have access to plenty of abilities. 



  • May surges & momentarily gain an attack speed bonus.

  • Fire Breath

  • Explosion - Area of effect fire damage.

  • May ignites and damage upon dealing damage or being hit.


  • May surges & momentarily gain a spell damage/quickness bonus.

  • May regenerate 10% of its hit points.

  • Splash! - hits his opponent with a splashing effect multiple times.

  • Blast - Area of effect ability.


  • May surges & deal additional damage on next melee hits.

  • Concentration - momentarily gains perfect accuracy.

  • Vigor - Area of effect stamina regeneration bonus.

  • Will damage 5 random enemies with a lightning strike.


  • May shatters, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.

  • May repels damage.

  • Will regenerate itself and heals from surrounding rocks.

  • May concentrates, gaining perfect accuracy


  • Double Strike - May strike twice.

  • When dealing damage, may convert it into mana for its master.

  • Tempest - Area of effect ability


  • May applies poison when dealing damage.










  • May surge and affect surrounding opponents when dealing damage.

  • Explosion - Area of effect ability.

  • Quicksilver - Gains a momentarily spell casting speed bonus.

  • Can ignite and damage foes when damaging/being damaged.

  • May apply DOOM to a foe which will deal a large amount of damage after brief moment.

Leveleing up your summons.

When fighting with enhanced summoned by your side, you will gain experience points. You may use those points to unlock new abilities or empower your summons! To view the progress, simply single click your creature and use the "Upgrade Summon" option.


Enhanced Spells (PVM)

Spells can be enhanced with 

  • You need arcane dusts in order to cast enhanced spells.

  • You need a spell book equipped (or a spell channeling/mage item within the AOS realm) to trigger enhanced spells.

  • Zoologists & Warriors may not trigger enhanced spells.

  • The maximum bonus of amplification is 100%

  • Arcane scrolls can be found about everywhere, on slain creatures, as quest rewards, in treasure chests etc..


Mastery Ability & Spell Gauge

Wizards may also benefit from masteries! When casting a spell, you will fill up a gauge depending on your casted spells (the initial % chance is 10 * spell circle, which means if you cast a fireball, you will have 30% chance of partially filling up the gauge). 

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