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Felucca was resized and reorganized to be more fitting to today's population. Some unused areas were completely wiped. Some cities and dungeon were removed and/or replaced.


The following changes were done :

Vesper City
Vesper was removed, instead, we added a smaller outpost named Dissidia that will serve as the outlaws city (Anyone entering this area is freely attackable and red players do not get cursed when slain by a paladin in this area)

Some areas are no housing zones, to avoid people from farming high end content from their houses.

New Moonglow
Yew was replaced by Moonglow
Yew Bank remained but is now a monster camp
Revamped Yew area so its less like a house park.

Yew Abbey Replaced by a new dungeon area (Bladespire).

Hedge Maze Replaced by a new PVM area (Minotaur Valley / Stone Castle).

The Despise area was revamped, a shrine was added & the dungeon was replaced with a new dungeon.

Skara Brae
Moved the city from the island to the land to the east.
Added the Keep of the Exiled to the north of Skara Brae.

Removed the entrance to wind dungeon/city. It is now a monster area.

Cove was overtaken by the Blood Cult. It is no longer a city and now a monster area.

Britain Swamp
Was revamped and now has a shrine.
Britain swamp is a no housing area.

Destard Swamp
Was revamped and has a bigger Lizardman Camp.
the southern part of the swamp is a no housing area.
the entrance to one of the new dungeon can be found in the swamp.

Compassion Desert
Was revamped to be a more fitting PVM area.

A dungeon entrance has been located in the desert.

Trinsic Area
The area was largely shrinked to remove unused space.
A Cyclops/Titan area was added to the jungle by Trinsic.
The secret passage was moved to fit in the new map.

East Britain was completely revamped. It is no longer guarded and is now a housing area.
Britain Graveyard was revamped and now has an entrance to Deceit.
Lord Blackthorn's castle was removed.
Western side of Britain area (Farms) was revamped.
Added a shrine to the East of Britain.
Added a safe-zone Dueling Area West of Britain.
Removed a portion of the Farm area to add a Monster Camp.


Removed the Swamp Dungeon entrance.
Added a secondary Dungeon entrance.
Added housing area by Shame Entrance

Northern Minoc
Is now a snowy area.
Now has a shrine.

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