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Creature Ability Scrolls

On very rare occasion, monsters will drop creature ability scrolls. In exchange for some permanent statistic loss, creatures will be able to learn unique abilities.


Meta Pets will not be able to learn abilities.


Only 1 ability can be learned, so chose wisely!


Heavy Bearer > Your creature now becomes a mule.

Bulwark > Your creature has increased physical defense.

Counter > May counter attacks.

Eldritch > Learns magery, evaluating intelligence and meditation.

Disturbance > May lower enemies Magic resistance on spell casts.

Immunity > Poison SPELL immunity.

Ingeniosity > Increases its intelligence.

Poison > Learns on-hit poisoning.

Swiftness > Increases its Dexterity.

Bleed Attack > Learns a damage over time bleeding attack .

Ignite > Will do 10% bonus damage to ignited creatures (Which are ignited by fire spells).

Rejuvenation > Will heal for 2% of its hitpoints on successful hits.

Discharge > Will do extra damage every 5 successful hits.

Hearty > Will do bonus damage (10%) as long as its over 75% HP.

Last Stand > Will do bonus damage (15%) whenever it is injured (below 35% HP)

Acolyte > Will do bonus damage (10%) as long as the master is within 3 range.

Reflective Stance > Will have 15% chance of reflecting upcoming spells.

Vanquisher > Heals for 5% of its HP everytimes it kills a creature.

Vengeance > Will deal up to 15% additional damage if the master is injured.

Independance > Lowers control slots by 1.

  • You are only allowed to one independant creature at once.

  • Only affects 3 control slots creatures.

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