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Delucia Island
- You may now access Delucia Island from any Moongate. This is currently a no-mount region (Will be monitored)

- Delucia TOWN is Safe (Which will allow reds to go there)

- Outside the city, Delucia desert is basically a dungeon with plenty of dangerous beasts, legendary monsters and a champion spawn!

- 2 dungeon entrances were added for an upcoming dungeon.



- Killing monsters in Delucia desert will potentially drop decapitated heads. Bring those heads to the Delucia Sheriff in order to get PVM Event points.

- Only the "owner" of the head can hand the head to the Quest NPC.

- Taking someone elses head and decapitating it will grant you some points.

- People with the most PVM points will be rewarded every week.







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