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  • Monsters may now drop Doom Keys. If you obtain a key, you will be able to enter Doom and do a single rotation (6 bosses) with your friends. The master of the key will be able to enter freely but the party members will be required to pay 100 Reward Points. Once you enter Doom, you will need to do a rotation of the boss (clockwise rotation).

  • This is not an instance, anyone can enter Doom and disturb your rotation at any time, PVP can happen in this area.

  • You may not be resurrected by anyone but the healer of this area (And hes pretty greedy!)

  • You may not leave this area and come back (Unless you got another key) so make sure you are prepared! There is a shopkeeper in this area but he is also very greedy.

  • Bosses are random. I made 6 types of boss (Molten, Eldritch, Berserker, Necro, Elemental, Poisonous, Mysterious (Mysterious is a mix of all the previous boss abilities)

  • Once a rotation is done (6 killed bosses) the next rotation will start after 2 hours or until another key is used.

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