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DOOM Raids Are a global / no-loot PVM event. Once announced, you will have 5 minutes to prepare for the doom raid. Then, you will be able to join the doom raid at any time by clicking the gump invitation or double-clicking the Agent of Doom NPC at Britain bank.

What is a doom raid?
Upon entering the Doom area, you will have to team up with the other players in order to kill the 3 bosses and their minions. Each time a boss is killed, the gate to the next will open. 

- Dealing damage to the boss/minions will grant you Doom points which you will be able to spend at the "Agent of Doom" shop.

- Whoever dealt the most damage to each boss will be rewarded.

- If you obtained looting rights to the boss, you will have a chance of obtaining a special item.

- If you die, you will be teleported to the entrance of the Doom raid and will suffer a Doom point XP penalty.













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