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Special and Rare items can be found all over the world but dungeon creatures will drop exclusive items. Each dungeon will have its own hue and set of decorative items. Hued items such as runebook dye, armament dye, special beard / hair dye, backpack dye etc.. can be looted from dungeon creatures and bosses. Bosses will naturally always have at least one dungeon rare.

The drop rate of special and rare items will depend on the monsters difficulty. Dungeon hued items will only be found in specific dungeons but normal special/rare items will be available all over the world.


rare item.png

Dungeon Loot Table
- Dungeon hued Cloth

- Dungeon hued Footwears

- Dungeon hued Backpack dye

- Dungeon hued Runebook dye

- Dungeon hued Spellbook dye

- Dungeon hued Lantern

- Dungeon hued Hair/Beard dyes
- Dungeon hued Furniture dye
- Dungeon decoration
- Dungeon plants

- Powerscroll (If contested)

- Pure black clothing (if contested)

Boss Loot Table
- Rare boss decoration/clothing

- Powerscrolls
- Creature powerscrolls
- Meta Pet Relic

- Creature ability scroll

- Character Relic
- Stat Cap deed (+1 to a maximum of 230)

Special Loot Table

(Mainly Elite, Legendary monsters and Bosses)
- Treasure Map

- Waterstained Treasure Map
- Dungeon Map

- Resource Map

- Melee Mastery Orbs (Used to level up melee masteries)

- Voting Token (Required for the bounty hunting system)

- Book of Lost Knowledge (Crafting Item)

- Expedition Tickets (Used to enter expeditions)
- Champion Token (Used to trigger champion spawns)
- Decorative Rune Paver (Floor tile)

- Decorative Carpet

- Metallic Carpet Dyes

- Spell Hue Deeds

- Skill Ball (Increases skill cap by +1 to a maximum of 720)
- Uncommon Hued dyes (Spellbooks, Runebooks, etc..)
- Uncommon Hair/Beard dyes
- Special & Rare creature food
- Totems
- Furniture Dyes


Epic Loot Table
(Bosses and high end creatures on rare occasions)
- Roses (generate petals which temporarily increases statistics)

- Decorative tiles (Carpet, Blood & Snow)

- Epic Hair/Beard dyes

- Artifact Weapons

- Artifact Clothing

- Runic Hammers

- Rare Jewelry

- Crafting Recipes

- Reward Point Tokens

- Doom Master Keys

- Tincture Vials (Used to create hued items such as hair dyes)

- Legendary & Exotic creature food


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