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Special and Rare items can be found all over the world but dungeon creatures will drop exclusive items. Each dungeon will have its own hue and set of decorative items. Hued items such as runebook dye, armament dye, special beard / hair dye, backpack dye etc.. can be looted from dungeon creatures and bosses. Bosses will naturally always have at least one dungeon rare.

The drop rate of special and rare items will depend on the monsters difficulty. Dungeon hued items will only be found in specific dungeons but normal special/rare items will be available all over the world.




> Treasure maps ( Level 1 - 6 )


> Arcane Runes. Required to fill Arcane Tomes.


> Runic Gems. Required to enchant weapons.


> Monster hunter contracts.


> Slayer Gem. Applies a slayer on a weapon.


> Skill Orb. + 1 to Skill Cap (Maximum of 720.0).



> Uncommon / Dungeon hued items.



> Creature Special Food. Unlocks a creature hue.


> Uncommon Lantern.


> Magic Wands.


> Arcane Dust. Used to trigger PVM abilities.

rare item.png


> Stat Cap Scroll. + 1 (Maximum of 230).


> Powerscroll. +1 to a selected skill.


> Rose of Trinsic. Generates +5 STR Petals.


> Rose of Britain. Generates Orange Petals.


> Rose of Minoc. Generates +5 DEX Petals.


> Rose of Moonglow. Generates +5 INT Petals.



> Random low charged runic smith hammer.


> Random low charged runic sewing kit.


> Exotic Food. Unlock a creature rare/exotic hue.


> Artifact Clothing (+3 AR, similar to veteran robes).

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