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Melee Changes

In order to make melee more interesting, we adjusted accuracy depending on missed swing. Every time you will miss a swing, you will gain 10% accuracy on the next swing (During PVM) which means you will rarely miss 3 times in a row.


2 handed parrying is possible if you have the skill. However, you will only parry up to 20% of the suffered damage.

1 Handed ARCHERY

Repeating crossbow are now 1 handed weapons which will allow you to wield a shield with it.

Critical Strikes
Whenever you hit 3 times in a row, your third hit will be a critical strike, dealing more damage.

Classic special abilities
STUN PUNCH> Fist special ability (PVP) 
Stuns opponent.

CONCUSSION BLOW> 2-hander (Swordsmanship) special ability (PVM/PVP) 
Reduces targets intelligence.

CRUSHING BLOW> 2-hander (Macefighting) special ability (PVM/PVP) 
Deals 150% damage.

PARALYZING BLOW> 2-hander special ability (Fencing) (PVM/PVP) 
Paralyzes opponent.

VELOCITY SHOT> Archery Ability
Deals more damage depending on the range between you and your opponent.

New special abilities
HAMSTRING > 1-hander special ability (PVP) 
Slows your opponent for 2.5 seconds.

DOUBLE STRIKE> 1-hander special ability (PVM) 

BLEEDING ATTACK> 1-hander special ability (PVM) 
Applies a bleeding effect to your enemy.

WHIRLWIND> 2-hander special ability (PVM) damage surrounding enemies.

SHATTERING BLOW> Staves special ability (PVM) damage and reduces the armor of enemies.












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