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Patch Notes - November 18th

Battle Royale Event

Battle Royale has started! You may now experiment a fun new feature of Unchained!

What is a Battle Royale?
Battle Royale is a last man standing event. Players are teleported in a zone where they got to survive and find items within the map. Every seconds, the map size is shrinking because of the storm (which deals damage if you stand within its area), forcing players to regroup and battle at the center of the map.

There will be 2 types of BR, PVP & PVM/PVP. 
The PVP type will happen in classic towns such as Nujelm & Serpents Hold which are currently not part of the Unchained map. 

the PVM type will happen in a custom made dungeon. Monsters on the edge of the dungeon area will be fairly easy. The storm will eventually force you to reach the middle of the dungeon, which is populated by harder monsters. On top of surviving monsters, you will also be careful of the other contenders!

Winners & Losers (Participants) will all get rewarded during this event. Of course, winners will get better and exclusive rewards!







Revamped Bulk Order System

- The BOD system was completely revamped. You may now obtain 10 weekly tasks (per account). You may obtain tasks by saying [job or [bod or by visiting the Helga Steelbeard at Britain. 
- Artificer Points accumulated by doing the new tasks (Bods) will now allow you to buy items from the artificer store.
- Tasks will become obsolete on every Monday, you will then be able to get 15 more.
- OLD BODS can still be done and handed to Helga, however, they will only give reward points.
- A percentage of the old BOD system banked points will be turned into Artificer Points. (To be updated)

Revamped Classic Dungeon - Glacia
- Glacia was completely revamped.
- Added 10 + legendary creatures to Glacia.
- Added 2 Bosses to Glacia.


- Added the Summon Masteries. Killing creatures with ENHANCED summons will grant you experience points which will eventually unlock levels. Every levels, you will be able to pick between 3 traits. You will be able to pick a trait every 50,000 XP. You may reset your traits at any time (30 seconds cooldown). 


WINTER EVENT! The elves need you! Slay creatures in order to recover the lost holiday ornaments which will be used to decorate the Britains Holiday Tree (Double drop chance in Glacia). Turning in ornaments will grant you points.


Once the tree is fully decorated, a powerful boss will spawn in Glacia and every players who participated will be rewarded! (60 items + were added to the prize pool).


Rewards may only be handed out once every 24 hours, however, you may still earn points while the Tree is in "Cooldown".


You may see the progress or the current event state by clicking the holiday tree.

Saying [event will open the Event gump.

- The premium store was completely revamped. Sections were added. You may now convert pure gold into Platinum (Donation) coins. The conversion price will depend on the global amount of gold (will never be less than 25k or more than 100k). A lot of items & hued items were added to the store.


- Added about 20 items to the crafting table (Mostly Carpentry/Decos/Containers)

- ManaDrain wands were added to the casting creatures loot table & removed from the crafting table.

- Bolas are no longer usable during Duels.

- Fixed an issue with client skill groups being messed up.

- fixed some issues with the following Meta Abilities : Charge, Breed and Calming Touch.

- Increased the meat/hide base drop on animals.

- Fixed an issue with Sombra being attaked by her own defenders.

- You may now see the server news by saying "motd".

- Fixed an issue where explosion potions werent working as intended during duels. (Guild issue)

- You may no longer cast wall of stone and energy fields in Non-PVP Doom.

- Fixed an issue with debuffs were not disrupting if the person was completely debuffed.

- Buffed Eternal Sonata spellsong.

- You may now Unlink house teleporters by single clicking them and using the right options. Unlinked teleporters will appear red as linked ones will be puprle.

- Duels no longer consume reagents & potions (minus Invisibility, Explosion, Agility & Strength)

- Players may now correctly spectate during duels (they were previously not able to see casted spells due to line of sight/blockers)

- Added alot of new creatures in Glacia.

- If you are not a murderer, criminal or havent been in combat for the last 5 minutes, you will be able to "autoloot/recover" your body by double-clicking it, your character will attempt to equip everything which was previously equipped and add the rest to your backpack.

- Added an automated Lottery NPC. A lottery will happen every week (The server will leech 20% of the jackpot as a gold sink)

- Fixed an issue with the passive magic reflect which provided 200% (derp) chance of applying. Its now 20% chance for GM inscribe and an additional 10% if you have GM magic resistance.

- Fireball will now apply a small burning effect (disrupting 1-3 damage) which can only be applied once every 5 seconds.

- 1v1 Tournaments will now be automated, they will happen every 48 hours and do a 5x/7x rotation.

- Events will now be broadcasted on Discord.

- Added a new type of NPC which will be able to link Twitch users (If you have a twitch, please contact me to have your own NPC). Players who will double-click the NPC will be able to view your twitch.

- Exiled King mini champ added to Glacia.

- Added over 20 new models which means new Creatures, Bosses & Mounts are coming!

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