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What primary skills should I use?

As a warrior, you will be offered a large variety of template but some skills are essential.

  • WEAPON SKILL (Swordsmanship, Mace fighting, Fencing, ETC..) is essential because your accuracy will depend on it.

  • TACTICS will be essential because your damage will depend on it.

  • ANATOMY will be essential as it will grant you extra damage, enhance your healing & grant you access to special abilities (UOR Realm)

  • HEALING is essential as it will be your main source of healing.

What secondary skills should I use?

Multiple skills will affect your playstyle as a warrior :

  • PARRYING will block physical damage & may absorb PVM spell damage. Parrying goes very well with the Bulwark PVM mastery.

  • ALCHEMY will enhance your potions in general which will help with survivability & damage (Explosion Potions).

  • LUMBERJACKING/MINING will grant a large damage bonus while wielding axes (Lumberjacking) or bashing weapons (Mining).

  • INSCRIPTION will enhance your buff spells such as reactive armor and protection but will also grant you a passive PVM bonus which allow you to reflect spells. 

  • BARDING SKILLS such as Peacemaking, Discordance, Provocation could be very useful. A warrior with spell songs can benefit a lot from the healing and attack speed bonuses. Remember, for a barding skill to be useful, it must be used with Musicianship.

  • MAGIC RESISTANCE is a must within the UOR realm as your survivability depends on it. 

  • POISONING can be very useful to deal extra damage. Poisoning goes very well with the Poison mastery.

  • TRACKING will greatly enhance your physical damage against tracked creature, make sure to use the monster tracking option in order to randomly track the monsters you are fighting.

  • CHIVALRY (AOS REALM) Click here to view all the utilities of the Chivalry skill.

  • FOCUS (AOS REALM) will enhance your passive regenerations.


  • Spend some time in the new player dungeon. Obtaining the right armaments is essential as a new player. Going in the wilderness or in harder dungeon while being naked sounds like a terrible idea!

  • Need to train Magic Resistance? Reapers are immobile caster creatures which will be very helpful when training magic resistance. Find a secluded one and become grandmaster in no time! Reapers can usually be found around graveyards.

  • You must go AFK for a moment? Find a Training NPC! Those dueling dummy will allow you to train most of your skills on them. Training NPCs can be found around Britain & Luna bank.

  • MASTERIES ! The default one is FIRA but make sure you pick a mastery that will fit your playstyle!

  • If you are within the AOS Realm, make sure to INSURE your items.


Warriors may now utilize Quivers which will grant them special PVM abilities with ranged weapons.

  • Tamers and Summoners may not use Quivers.

  • Only one quiver ability can be activated at once.

  • Quivers can be dyed with special dyes.

  • Quivers can be crafted by experimented bow crafters


Melee Changes (UOR Realm)
In order to make melee more interesting, we adjusted accuracy depending on missed swing. Every time you will miss a swing, you will gain 10% accuracy on the next swing (During PVM) which means you will rarely miss 3 times in a row.


2 handed parrying is possible if you have the skill. However, you will only parry up to 20% of the suffered damage.

1 Handed ARCHERY

Repeating crossbow are now 1 handed weapons which will allow you to wield a shield with it.

Critical Strikes
Whenever you hit 3 times in a row, your third hit will be a critical strike, dealing more damage.

Classic special abilities

Requires fists.
Stuns opponent.


Requires a 2 hander weapon.
Reduces targets intelligence.


Requires a 2 hander weapon.
Deals 150% damage.


Requires a 2 hander weapon.
Paralyzes opponent.

Deals more damage depending on the range between you and your opponent.

New special abilities
Requires a 1 hander weapon.

Slows your opponent for 2.5 seconds.


Requires a 1 hander weapon.


Requires a 1 hander weapon.
Applies a bleeding effect to your enemy.


Requires a 2 hander polearm weapon.

damage surrounding enemies.


Requires a 2  hander staff weapon.

damage and reduces the armor of enemies.


(AOS Realm) Age of Shadows special moves

Special abilities can be viewed within your character paperdoll.
You may also add hotkeys to easily utilize them via Razor.
Learn more about the AOS special abilities here.














Bosses will have a chance of dropping Artifact Weapons. Those rare weapons cannot be repaired. Once dropped, the accuracy, power and endurance will be randomized. Each artifact weapon will have an unique on-hit effect  that will have a trigger chance very similar to weapon abilities (Paralyzing blows, Concussion blows etc..). Anyone wielding an artifact weapon should be your main focus during PVP.

Sacred Weapons cannot be repaired. 

Blackthorns Blade > Challenge an enemy, the attacker will deal slightly more damage to it's challenged opponent for the next 5 seconds.

Bloodthirster > Has a chance of leeching some hitpoints.

Corrupted Pike > Has a chance of cursing the attacker's opponent stats for 10 seconds (Minimum -3, Maximum -7). The cursed type of stat is random.

Deaths Dance > Has a chance of leeching some stamina and mana.

Daemonic Embrace > Applies a bleeding effect on the attacker's opponent.

Executioners Calling > Curse the attacker's opponent with a Doom effect. the target will take some damage (Maximum 10) after a few seconds.

Hellclap > Engulf the target with fire, instantly dealing some damage.

Infernal Maw > Engulf the target with fire, deals damage over time.

Mindcry > Hamstrings the target, making him unable to run for 2 seconds.

Mortal Reminder > Applies a mortal strike curse on the target for 2 seconds. Rendering healing useless while the curse is active.

SlithClaw > Has a chance of leeching some stats from the opponent. If the opponent is turning his back from the attacker, he may be inflicted with poison.

SpellThief > Attacker has a chance of casting Magic Reflection on himself.

Subdue > Has a chance of draining stamina (Max 15) and paralyzing the opponent for 1.0 second

Tantrum > Has a chance of paralyzing the attacker's opponent for 2 seconds and reduce his strength by 5 for 10 seconds.

WidowMaker > The attacker has a chance of hiding himself after a succesful hit. If the opponent is turning his back from the attacker, he may be inflicted with poison.

Wyrms Teeth >  If triggered, the attacker's opponent may be swarmed by meteors after a slight delay.


Silverbranch >  Grants a dexterity bonus.

Wraith Whisperer >  1 handed repeating crossbow which may inflict additional on-hit damage.

Elven Bow >  If triggered, the attacker's friendly creatures will be healed.

Silver Fang >  If inflicted by the silver fang poison, the attacker will be damaged and poisoned after 5 seconds.



Upon slaying beasts, you will most likely loot magical items. Magical items may have a large varieties of magical properties which will differ depending on the realm you are currently in.,

UOR (Renaissance) Realm magical properties


  • Durable

  • Substancial

  • Massive

  • Fortified

  • Indestructible


  • Ruin

  • Might

  • Force / Exceptional

  • Power

  • Vanquishing


  • Accurate

  • Surpassingly

  • Eminently

  • Exceedingly

  • Supremely

AOS (Age of Shadows) Realm magical properties
The magical properties of the AOS realm can be found here.





As a warrior, the armored swamp dragon will become your new best friend!
We highly suggest saving your achievement points to purchase a dragon barding deed. Dragon barding deed can be applied on bonded swamp dragons and will protect the swamp dragons rider from incoming damage! (Up to 20%).

Things to keep in mind

  • Dragon barding deeds can be purchased from the AP store or crafted by experienced blacksmiths.

  • Armored swamp dragons will level up as you kill creatures while riding them.

  • The absorbed damage will depend on your swamp dragons level.

  • Swamp dragons also have a hue collection.


I am struggling to find power scrolls, what can I do? 

Granted you have enough achievement points, you will be able to train a pupil by visiting Cecil in Britain. Killing creatures with a pupil on your side will grant him experience. When fully trained, you will be rewarded with special loot!

* The NPC offering the quest can be found at Britain bank.

* This quest is currently only available within the UOR Realm.

What else can I do to become an even stronger warrior?

Unlocking relics.. Wielding a talisman.. Wearing better armaments.. Maximizing your masteries.. are a few things among others that you can do to improve as a warrior!
View the character progression page here.

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